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posted on 2008-01-31 10:26:29 by Jeff
This is really decently easy to do. Check out using [url=http://eventscripts.com/pages/Es_createplayerlist]es_createplayerlist[/url] and then it gives you a line for each player like this: "model" "models/player/ct_urban.mdl" Containing what model they currently are. ~J3ff

posted on 2008-02-12 17:21:33 by Jeff
This would be awesome :) ~J3ff

posted on 2008-03-05 14:43:38 by Jeff
Read, and like alot of these ideas will be adding some of them in! ~J3ff

posted on 2008-03-13 19:34:26 by Jeff
Will be included as of 0.8.4a ~J3ff

posted on 2008-03-13 19:41:21 by Jeff
I am going to leave the race menu as is for now... how ever I am going to add MinLevel/MaxLevel/CurLevel/Required Team/Weapons to the raceinfo for each race. ~J3ff

posted on 2008-03-18 18:46:06 by Jeff
If you want to write up the code for this I would be more than happy to use it, the trouble is you have to take into account the facing of the user, whether you are adding or subtracting from the X Y or Z value... ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-10 18:47:57 by Jeff
You can simply remove the .pyc file of the race's config file and the wcs reload RACENAME ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-10 18:48:37 by Jeff
I might expand the event_vars some, but changing it to a function would mean that ESS races would be unable to use this... ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-10 18:52:25 by Jeff
take that back some... I think I have a way to do this.. will get back to you. ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-13 18:29:04 by Jeff
I am currently working on hopefully getting something like this working hang tight! ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-16 00:20:32 by Jeff
This would stop backwards compatibility for some older Event Scripts. So I do not think this would be a good idea... ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-17 04:53:11 by Jeff
Yea have to agree with mattie... if you can do it in python why add it as an es_ command? ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-20 20:28:40 by Jeff
Well, you can limit each race based on teams... I think this is more fair that making a global limit (with a global limit u could then have all the people on one team playing the strongest race) I will add this though if people really want it... ~J3ff

posted on 2008-04-22 09:01:44 by Jeff
.77 Converter: http://addons.eventscripts.com/addons/view/wcs_keyconvertor77 .70-.75 Converter: http://addons.eventscripts.com/addons/view/wcs_keyconvertor77 ~J3ff

posted on 2008-05-08 13:56:32 by Jeff
Adding this as of 0.8.6 - Good idea! ~J3ff

posted on 2008-06-30 12:08:27 by Jeff
Where does it close out at? Every time I run through character creation it work flawlessy. Side note posting in the forum thread will get more notice from me than posting on here - http://forums.mattie.info/cs/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17620 ~J3ff

posted on 2008-07-11 13:08:40 by Jeff
Thats a good idea! I will be adding this to the 0.8.6 release (which will hopefully be done soon) ~J3ff