created: 2013-06-26 20:42:28 - project leader: Fridge
This plugin has been specifically made for surfgreatriversgx41 map, and MIGHT also work on other surf_greatriver maps, but may crash the server.

Plugin Brief:
Playersare able to receive every ingame weapon that CS:S can provide.
Playersare able to teleport to 7 predefined locations on the map - (They will not receive damage after they've teleported, if they're moving or falling.)
Playerscan activate godmode, simply by typing !god in chat.

Quick Note:
If you want to remove the possibility to enter jail, simply install h!gh voltage simple trigger plugin. Add 1 trigger with a width and height, just below the jails'. Make sure that it teleports "All" and not just a specific team. Next up, choose your teleport location and press "Done".