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folders from different types of memory card such as compact flash memory card, secure digital card, multimedia MMC card, memory stick PRO DUO.
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Do you want to get back missing text document files and folders? Download comprehensive and data recovery software to salvage valuable official document like your project report, financial data of your company, and other patent data from damaged and virus corrupted desktop system. By using data restoration application user can restore all type of files including text files such as word documents, excel data, power point files, images files, digital photographs, mp3 and mp4 files from popular USB storage device like pen drive, thumb drive, key drive, jet flash drive etc.
Simple to use data recovery software is designed and developed by highly educated team of expertise software engineers for restoring deleted most crucial files and folders from damaged hard disk drive.
User friendly data recovery software salvages valuable information misplaced because of human mistake, improper usage of device, accidentally formatted hard disk, suddenly system shutdown, power sabotage in few click of mouse. Professional and commercial file salvage application uses attractive preview option in thumbnail formatted before rescuing misplaced audio and video clips from failed removable pen drive storage media.
With extra ordinary features:
Recovery program is compatible with several Windows operating systems to perform lost data restoration.
Data retrieval tool uses standard and advance scanning technique for restoring misplaced inaccessible files or folders.
Commercial and user friendly files recovery application maintains data integrity without loss of information.
File salvage tool supports popular brand of hard disk drive including PATA, SATA, EIDE and SCSI to get back deleted crucial data.
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Company is the global software development company which provides advance and standard data recovery software. The main objective is to deliver secure and quality based software for accomplishing customer’s requirements.
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