Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is featurelist.org?
    A: The site is a simple site for tracking feature requests. We know a lot of small/medium projects pop up and there's no way to track what your users want. Now it should be very easy and free.

  2. Q: How do I create a new project?
    A: Just click the 'add project' link in top right of the site. That page provides an option for a 40x40 image, and a simple name (basename) to use as your URL. For example, if you chose "hello" for your basename, you can access your project via http://featurelist.org/hello -- if you so desired. Once you create a project, you now have ownership of it and can assign feature requests to people and change status for requests.

  3. Q: How do I request a feature?
    A: Usually you've been given a link to your project's page. If so, just click the 'request feature' link in the top right (and elsewhere) to submit a feature.
    Please be as clear as possible in the title and as descriptive as possible in the description. You can leave comments to clarify your request and provide additional details if you want.

  4. Q: I found a bug with the site! Where do I report it?
    A: Sorry, our excuse is that it's a beta site. Send bug reports to [email protected]

  5. Q: Can you please add the new feature I want to the site?
    A: Surely it's no surprise that feature requests for the site should be submitted through the site. Please suggest it here: http://featurelist.org/featurelist

  6. Q: Should users submit bug reports on featurelist?
    A: Nah, that's not encouraged. If you can word your bug request as an "enhancement", by all means give it a shot. But this site is intended to help projects get their forward/future plans under control.

  7. Q: What technologies does this site use?
    A: It's built on PHP/Code Igniter, MySQL, Apache, etc. We can't say enough good things about Code Igniter-- it's like someone smacked PHP with the Fun Stick.

  8. Q: Why is this site free?
    A: It doesn't cost much to run at the moment, and we like giving back to the community when we can. If it gets too popular/expensive we might have to run text ads, etc, but in the short-term we might just plug our other endeavours like bug.gd (a "collective widsom" error search engine).

  9. Q: Can we download all of our features so we can have them offline?
    A: Yep. There's an "xml export" feature for project owners. Just download it and you have all features, comments, vote counts, etc. Enjoy!