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Ok i run a pretty popular rpg/dm server,And i have been having issues with a error log i get . Its coming from rpg and it says:server data base has locked this requires a restart: Restarting in 5 sec and never restarts!!

this dont happen all the time but it does it enough to where we are loosing players ,on the account of i have to redo the server everytime this happens !I save the player.sql.. But as soon as i load this it does the same thing ??I really need your help on this for i would hate to have to go with a diff rpg mod,..I dont want this and either do our players

Thanks from all of us at InfiniteGaming.spruz.com Rpg/Dm

dawg11 posted on 2010-01-26 15:16:07
also some new skills would be awesome we really love your source rpg mod here are some ideas maybe ranks if possible that is not a skill but would be very cool..bullettime,bigbullets,tele,disguise,are just a few..