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Hello, I'd really like to see a es_forceclosemotd (ess), function in the future

It should close the current motd, that the chosen player is watching

like, ive made this script, that plays a song, but it plays through MOTD, but the motd doesn't have to be open, the song will still play anyway, so if I could make the motd close instantly, it would be pretty nice..
player say
// this shows the music list in a motd, so it shouldn't be closed
if (eventvar(text) = !music) then es usermsg motd eventvar(userid) 2 Music www.dark-tiger.webs.com/music2.0.txt
// plays a song, it can be closed
if (eventvar(text) = !water) do
es usermsg motd event
var(userid) 2 Music www.jukeboxalive.com/player/pl...r.php?sid=*******&method;=play
if (servervar(musicsongname) = 1) then estell eventvar(userid) #multi #green[Music]#default Hello,#green eventvar(esusername)
if (server
var(musicsongname) = 1) then estell eventvar(userid) #multi #green[Music]#default servervar(musiclistening)#green Basshunter - I can walk on water, I can fly
esforceclosemotd eventvar(userid)

I'd really love that, and im sure im not the only one :)

PatPeter posted on 2009-11-25 23:01:24
I believe closing the MOTD can only be done by the client.

fobber posted on 2009-11-26 04:47:21
satoon said:

With ESP you can, but not ESS. I think they could easily add this in the corelib/usermsglib in the future though. In ESP, for usermsg.motd(), there is an added argument for 'Visible', which you can set to False to not show the MOTD at all.