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this event, will have to trigger when a player is on a bombsite...

this is actually pretty nice for new scripting play modes.
sample could be used for writing script
- 1 ct has to make his way out because he is on terrorist territory.
- only 1 ct in ct-team and rest are terrorists.
- ct has to make his way out to 1 bombsite to clear himself to safe-zone.
- he will be rescued, he wins when he reaches bombsite(for example)

event playeronbombsite
// events in the playeronbombsite event.
possible? == event
var(hasbomb?)? would be nice:D

could this be done?
i would love to have such options, but i dont know how to use it with
extended events or something.

PatPeter posted on 2009-11-28 02:37:48
I approve, maps do this so no reason ES shouldn't be able to.

It might be a noisy command though.