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Current the SW is "usage" based model. When a item is used it adds it to a your buy list.

It would be great if you could add inventory management for stock piling and timing of buying items when they go on sale at the grocery store. For each item you would set a max inventory level and minimum level. If your scanned in your purchased inventory and scanned out on usage, then the site would added the item and quanity (between max and min values) to your shopping list. This would allow people to watch for "sales" on these items and save people ALOT of money.

1. Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese is added as an item to my current grocery inventory.
2. When added, the site would prompt for max and min quanity values for reorder points and save that value. I set the max as 10 and the min as 5.
3. I would continue to added these items (would be nice to have a quanity option during scan in). I add a quanity of 8 to that item in inventory.
4. Over the next 3 weeks I use 3 of these items and scan them out on usage.
5. When I execute the "my list" function, it would report this item as needing a purchase of 5.

Quanity out on scan is nice, but I think this function would make the site SO much better.