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Request is to have this column added to the next release so that the next upgrade does not overwrite this modification and so that other users can take advantage of this mod.

Users submitting demos include their name however that information was never displayed in the resulting list after submitting the demo. Our community likes to keep an eye on who uploaded the demo.

Modified the demos.php file.

1) Added following code after Add Date column header.

<th class="colColor1" width="1%" nowrap>
Uploaded By

2) Added the following code...

<td class="colColor1" nowrap>&lt;?=$demo->getUploaderName()?&gt;</td>


<td class="colColor2" nowrap>&lt;?=$demo->getAddDate()?&gt;</td>

NOTE: I had to adjust the column colors after the column I added to keep the alternating background colors. class="colColor2" or class="colColor1"

Resulting modification:

PatPeter posted on 2009-11-28 02:44:47
... how does this have anything to do with EventScripts?