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Ice Stab bug, i've got Ice Stab Lvl 3, so it should freeze players for 3 seoncds.. Sometimes it freezeing players for 1 seconds, sometimes for 3... Depends. I think it's because of Speed+ or Adrenaline, because when i stab lower players they getting frozed for 3 seoncds, but higher ppl whitch got adrenaline or speed+, are frozen for less time than it should be...

I hope you fix that bug.

Sevenlances posted on 2008-11-26 20:33:26
I already know why this is messed up as it is the first ice stab you do is the timer the next ones that you hit with mean nothing until the first is over I think that he just needs to have the second ice stab take over the time instead of relying on the first that's what is causing it.

rlarltjd0920 posted on 2009-12-24 22:44:33