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I want to be able to add a sound to easymenu (customizable, but by default, None) and on esclientcommand, before you send the next page, play the sound, so each time you press a next page button, or close button, it will play the sound... Just a self. variable which I can alter:

mypopup = popuplib.easymenu('mypopup', 'popupchoice', returnFunction)
mypopup.page_sound = "buttons/button2.wav"

bonbon posted on 2008-06-15 20:55:53
def popupselect(ev):
if str(ev['popup
name']) in allofthe_menus:
es.cexec(ev['userid'], 'play buttons/button14')

that's what I use on a couple of my scripts, works perfectly. you could always use a dict to (it returns the menu name)