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Need some sort of player punishment and monitoring system.

Mattie posted on 2008-03-09 11:57:34
There is a player punishment module. What do you mean? Like a player warning system?

Can you explain more about what you're looking for here?

uB|Delta One posted on 2008-03-12 02:53:44
Sorry about being vague, here's a bit more info. This package should include monitoring systems, such as keeping track of recent reconnecting players (to catch people either name changing to avoid punishment, or other malicious activity). Something like the last 5 players who changed their names in the server (showing previous name, and current name - this will help catch people trying to pose as clan members or regulars in a server while hacking or doing other malicious things), should catch chat spammers, if possible voice spammers (not sure if this is even possible), spray tag tracking, ect. Then there should be some sort of centralized menu system to track all of these variables for quick reference off the base admin menu. Based on the infraction in this system, a punishment could be selected by an admin. This could also be automated a bit and automatically block/warn infractors as they continue to engage in activities that a server op deems malicious. Maybe keeping tabs on the number of name changes per map, chat spam, ect ect.