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Basicly I was doing a script and camed to a situation were that command would've saved me a lot of time.

so everytime this variable is used in applys to all players and has not quotes restrictions.

like foreach but more configurable like this :

event_var(alluserids) 3 #t

grabs 3 random terrorists and apllys to them only.

Juba_PornBorn posted on 2008-02-23 20:28:10
I by mistake forgot to place this at eventscripts instead of XA. If I could only edit it and place it in the correct space...

Venjax posted on 2008-03-27 00:47:57
Why not add the random functionality to foreach corelib command? (or request the foreach author to do so?)

PatPeter posted on 2009-11-28 02:20:14
event_var(x) is not a command, it is a variable.

To have a variable with all the UserIDs of a server, that would require an array, which ESS has no support on.

I am actually creating a script that will allow scripters to manipulate arrays.