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I've been seeing information on it all over and lua is just easy and better in many aspects then python for new comers and learners has well on features such has syntax, wrapping etc... To me it makes a world of simplicity over python syntax wich is easy to loose indentation. Seems more Eventscripts but with more funcionality.

Apart that most game companys use it over python. Wich by itself is a lot of help to people that wanna start their game coding notions.

Playstation, Crysis, Adobe, Valve itself uses it among many others.

Juba_PornBorn posted on 2008-02-04 17:29:23
Another thing: Garrys mod scripts are made in Lua wich could make those awesome scripts being converted to other mods.

Juba_PornBorn posted on 2008-02-10 01:20:01
I gave it some thought and even for similar events and entitys a script on lua can be converted to many other games that use lua. Just imagine having similar aspects in crisys that aren't yet made but the script has the same basis needed to work on eventscripts then in crysis or garrys mod for that basis. It's just to usefull to have it.

ALackOfLife posted on 2008-12-02 15:06:25
It would be impossible, because the fact that Lua is memory hacking on a C++ based program that uses "void" and the hacking would force ban you, just like a dll. The only reason Garry's Mod has lua and you get get on vac servers even if your banned, is because it would ban everyone that comes in.

ALackOfLife posted on 2008-12-02 15:07:28
But Garry force disabled VAC on his game, even though all of them have the VAC icon.