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Not sure if this is possible with ES(I was able to have a buddy do it with SM so I hope we can do it with ES) but here it goes:

So lets say I want to prep def playerhurt(eventvar)

Maybe it could work like this:

def prepplayerhurt(eventvar):
#Maybe this could use es.ServerVar
#Set the damage that is about to be dealt to half of what it was going to be
#Or maybe a new command in case es.ServerVar would not work
#Set damage to half again
health', int(eventvar['dmghealth'])/2)

Basicly for each event you would have the option of running block before to either A. change values of the event_vars or fire commands on the users that are about to be involved with the event.

If this can be done great :) if not I under stand.(Its a big request)


freddukes posted on 2008-02-11 06:58:09
Just keep holding onto that though, you may be surprised soon ;) Maybe something will come up

PatPeter posted on 2009-11-28 02:32:33
Use ESTools:

RegEventBlock playerhurt "esxdoblock squads/pre_hurt"

Source Python Extensions also has something for it too.