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This will allow you to use C++ with ES, pretty cool and you don't have to learn so lot. If you are ready to learn this, you will learn MORE and MORE (thanks to Mattie then ^^) and you will be even better in C++. Very useful!

ojii posted on 2008-01-28 15:33:22
tbh pointless as C++ is capable of making plugins without ES...

errant posted on 2008-02-06 14:34:52
Think of the power though... would make us able to just about anything in plugins

Wonder posted on 2008-02-07 10:26:15
Then just write a VSP or use MM:S.

PatPeter posted on 2009-11-28 02:53:26
Download the SDK from VALVe, make your own addon, completely useless to put it in ES.