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I request this to be an option to enable (disabled by default) for servers running parallel mods like gungame.

This will make it easier for new comers to get the required damage to take out the old dogs on the server that have maximum health ranks.

I have noticed this one on old servers I played that had no possible way to take out a max rank elite player that had things like their stealth and speed at max while also having a huge amount of health to take out. Having a +damage option will allow a newcomer to level this skill early and allow them bonus damage on say headshots and to get a lucky hit that will take out a titan that they would normally not be able to overcome by any other means.

I'm sure other people have wanted this option added too, but I thought for the specific mention I have provided, it would would go to a just cause :D

Props to the SourceRPG team for the work they have done so far, the Napalm nade is one of my favs, the fact that it burns while flying through the air is a great little addition that I have yet to see in any other mods.

Good work guys, and thanks for taking a look at this one for me, I appreciate it.