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It would be a lot more useful if an API was released for overwolf that would allow extensions to be made in .NET or some other programming language, I have found the possibilities with HTML5/Javascript/CSS are a bit limited, and there are a few issues I've noticed in some apps (such as inability to use tab in the text editor, and some issues with focus and such) that could be resolved; but maybe an extension base containing a draw method and a "tick" method, events for things such as mousedown/mouseup, keydown/keyup, focus and unfocus, and some other variables (like the ones already in the API). It might take some developing for some useful things (such as a good GUI API) but I and I'm sure a few other programmers would be willing to put time into adding more useful classes/features, and I'm sure it would attract more developers to create classes and such while the available ones aren't as extensive

As an example, I've been wanting to create an extension that would pull the windows open on the desktop and forward all the events to the window (so you literally would never need to alt-tab) and this is quite impossible with HTML5/javascript/css without creating an outside application that can be controlled over web (and I'd prefer not to release a separate program along with an extension, and from the looks of it, the appstore won't have support for it)